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Who Is Soul Vision?

6 souls who have re-united in this lifetime for the purpose of helping humanity to elevate!


Phyllis Simonetta

I am a World Peace Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, multiple modality energy practitioner, Light Language Activator, and Ecstatic Dance Facilitator. My goal is to help you embody your true self - your radiant soul, by feeling peace, joy, and harmony within your body and soul.

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Andrea Kukulka

I've been studying metaphysics since the 1980s and became a Reiki Master in 1997. Since then I've been mastering my craft and teaching what I know. I've since added many modalities to do my healing work and I'm always eager to share what I can with you. 

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Melanie Sprague

I'm a Spirit Alchemist. This means that I take what is presented to me and transform it into the best possible version of what it can be. Ever since I was a child I've been connected to Spirit. In 2012, it all opened wide for me. Now I get to do what I love for you. 

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John Simonetta

I assist men and women in the release of programming and limiting beliefs, as well as their reconnection with Source and life purpose. Tools of release that I practice include EFT (tapping), Reiki, self-reflective meditation in nature, and the spoken word. As a student of A Course in Miracles, I strive to bridge from fear to peace.

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Jill McLoughlin

I am a Registered Nurse with a certification in Holistic Nursing. I'm a Reiki Master teacher, sound healer, and intuitive. I use my intuition to determine what each person needs during their session. I'm passionate about providing clients with tools which will promote wellness and self-care.

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Karen LaCamera

I am a Graphic Designer, Akashic Records reader/teacher/mentor, messenger for creative and intuitive information, and a soul connector. I combine my intuitive work with my creative gifts to tap into your energy to create mandalas, bring forth information, and re-connect you to your soul family.

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We Simply Love Being Together! and we love being there for YOU!

Custom Squad Mandalas that represent the combination of our 6 energies!
Below Left is the Light Mandala, Below Right is the Shadow Mandala.
The mandala on the bottom represents the 6 of us as Soul Vision.
Mandala - Squad2 - color SCREEN.jpg
Soul Vision Group Mandala - color screen transparent.png
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