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Weekend Retreat

October 25, 26, 27

Cost of Retreat is $1,111

You have 2 easy payment options ... In full, or in 5 payments.


Are you seeking soul expansion?

Make Soul Vision a part of your spiritual evolution.

One of the locations that Soul Visions offers their retreats is at the Retreat at Rolling Ridge.

We will first get to meet each other on Friday night, and get to know each other a bit by chatting about what brings us all together. Introducing our selves is always so meaningful. We will share our story of working together over many lifetimes and the meaningfulness of our reunion in this lifetime. 

The Weekend’s Spotlight: Soul Vision’s Signature group energy session will take place on Saturday afternoon.

The weekend will be filled with healing activities, soulful conversations, and plenty of time for you to escape into alone time. This promises to be a weekend that you'll never forget.

The experiences during the retreat will include:

  • Meditation - Andrea, Karen

  • Reflexology Group Workshop - Mel

  • Heal Through Dance Somatic Movement - Phyllis

  • Mindful Outdoor Nature Walk Experience - John

  • Light Language Transmissions - Phyllis, Andrea, Mel

  • Sound Bath - Jill, Mel, Andrea

  • Mandala Workshop - Karen

  • Energy Talk - About Transmentation and all of the other energies that may come through - Soul Vision

  • Opening and Closing Council - Soul Vision

  • BioMat self healing with Amethyst, Tourmaline and Infrared technology
  • Creative and quiet time with Labyrinth and Mandala coloring pages

  • Quality time with your new Like-Minded Tribe 

  • And more!

Our Soul Vision Retreat promises to be a weekend that will shift your vibration beyond your imagination.  Are you ready to embark on the next phase of your spiritual ascension journey?


You may never be the same after this one-of-a-kind encounter with your soul family!

Rolling Ridge
Nature Walk
Front Entrance Greating
Fire Pit
Full Moon Over Rolling Ridge
Phyllis Walking the Trails at RR
Ready for the Sound Bath
Soul Vision

More about Rolling Ridge Retreat Center

This beautiful retreat, once a private residence, is located on a peninsula and surrounded by a serene lake in North Andover. This sacred space offers a perfect place to commune with nature, with yourself, and in community for deep healing, expansion, and divine connection. Visit the Rolling Ridge website.


Take a beautiful nature walk enjoying the fall foliage. Be on the lookout for the resident Bald Eagle. Feel free to meander around the property that is filled with rocky shore line on a picturesque lake, fire pit, walking paths, an outdoor chapel, and two labyrinths, scattered picnic tables and private places to sit and contemplate!

** Bedrooms may be shared. Rooms sleep 1, 2, 3 and 4. Some bedrooms share an adjoining bathroom with another bedroom. Please let us know if you have specific friends that you would like to share your rooms with. **


Here are some of the other high points at Rolling Ridge:

  • Beautiful accommodations and over 20 well-appointed shared bedrooms

  • All meals providedThe food is not only yummy but they will cater to your needs

  • Coffee/Tea/Water bar available 24/7

  • Kayaks 

  • A very large open room surrounded by glass doors to show the view of the grounds and lake, for our group healings

  • A beautiful indoor meeting room with lots of seating and a fireplace

  • Sacred Space 

  • Local artists works scattered around inside and out

Come alone or come with friends. There's plenty of room for us all.

Rolling Ridge Entrance
John & Phyllis
Saying Goodbye
Rolling Ridge double room
Beautiful Friendship Made
Reflexology Talk
Rolling Ridge triple room
Jill & Andrea
Opening Council
Rolling Ridge backyard at night.
Melanie During our Sound Bath
Rolling Ridge grounds
All These Beautiful Souls

Sample Retreat Schedule

(Our April schedule is shown to give you an example of what our weekend will look like. Subject to change)
April 24 Retreat timeline3.jpg
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