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The act of a mind, body, and soul transformation that is energetic in nature and brings about profound changes right down to the very frequency of your Consciousness and DNA. This process brings your awareness to your Zero Point. Transmentation helps you align with your soul's purpose and usher in your best possible life, making your dreams a reality.

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What if there was a way to empower yourself by connecting to your pure potential ...

There IS a way to connect to your pure potential. In fact, there are many ways to do so, and we offer a unique chance for you to experience that connection through two incredible pathways: the first is in the presence and focus of the Soul Vision group, and the second is through a Transmentation Device. Both pathways combine heart coherence, frequency, and the energetic potential to connect with the deepest part of your soul self through your Zero Point, located within your heart space.
As Soul Vision, we help you access your Zero Point by clearing the path of limiting beliefs and stuck emotions, using varied energy modalities. The channeled aspects of Source flow through the affected parts of your energy field and charges them with high frequency energy. Your vibration is changed as the lower frequency energies are broken apart and transmuted, leaving space for the higher vibrational feelings of love, compassion and joy. This is a process that will continue over time.

The intended outcome of interacting with Soul Vision and the Transmentation "cube" is to empower you to make the necessary Mind/Body/Spirit shifts to achieve the optimal frequencies for ideal living, and to align you with your greatest potential.


We invite you to read on and experience this incredible phenomenon that we are so excited about. 

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Soul Vision's Role in Transmentation

Our heart is talking to our brain and we have put our brain in charge. In the overthinking our brain is directing the nervous system and we function in fear mode. We are out of balance, out of our ideal or optimal set point, and not in coherence. Lower vibrational root causes of the fear response can be relate to ancestral wounds, past lives, trauma, limiting beliefs, etc.

The Zero Point is where Source / God / Creator (or whatever you connect to), resides in all of us, and which is accessed during the Soul Vision event.  

Soul Vision is Transmentation, and we transfer this energy state to you. Soul Vision is the catalyst to get you to the state of Transmentation. Being in Transmentation you are in a state of manifestation, in sync with the Universe.

Each of us in Soul Vision have different tools, modalities, experiences, healing energies that we access. The Soul Vision experience will be different for each participant, depending on what assistance is required. When we come together as Soul Vision we combine all of our gifts and create a special sauce. We assist you to break down and clear the lower vibrational energies. We then transfer the Transmentation state to you.

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Moving Forward ...

In the container that Soul Vision creates you will reconnect with your soul family as well as forge a deeper connection to yourself. When you are firmly rooted in self, you can more easily connect with other individuals who are accessing the same frequencies in their own state of coherence and balance. Support after a Soul Vision event is a given. You will have group access (via Facebook) to all of the soul family that you shared the event with as well as attendees and participants from other Soul Vision events and experiences. And to top it all off, by being in this more coherent state through the process of Transmentation, this energy that you embody can put other people around you in the same state of being. You will be a walking beacon of the results of this process!

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Transmentation Cube




The cube is a tool to reinforce the state of Transmentation. It compliments the process by reminding you that your Zero Point puts you in direct alignment to Source Zero Point, because they are the same. The cube opens up your fields for entering the Transmentation state by helping to clear that which no longer serves you, such as: limiting beliefs, ancestral trauma, and other lower frequency energy blocks.



The cube assists in the releasing of denser vibrations so that you can access and hold higher frequencies within your physical/emotional/mental energy fields. The cube can be used without being at a Soul Vision event. This is a longer process to get to coherence, but still effective. Coherence is not the same as the state of Transmentation, but is a component of it.



Soul Vision does a deep cleaning and activation. Then the cube takes over the process to ease the discomfort of what’s being released and integrated….facilitates the process and keeps you on track.


When the cube is used with the Soul Vision event, Soul Vision first does a deep cleaning and then transfers the state of Transmentation. The cube then assists to keep you on track. It is like a brace that keeps you aligned.



When you are not with us, the cube keeps you connected to the pathway to Zero Point. Because it's easy for humans to get off track with everything that can happen in a day, the cube is like a “lane keeper".  It is your connection back to your pathway. When you get to the point of awareness and existing in your Zero Point with coherence then the cube served its purpose.


It’s easy for humans to get off track with everything that can happen in a day. This is the device that will pull you back in.

The Science Behind the Magic ...

Liquid Bubbles


Zero Point

Zero Point refers to the very base point of creation that exists as Source.


It is where our consciousness emanates out from Source.

We mirror Source Zero Point through the Zero Point that exists within us.


Set Point

Set Point is the baseline frequency that you are functioning from at any given time. It's a wired pattern that the brain sets like a thermostat. For example: being in a constant state of stress.

Rewiring your thoughts from your brain can be difficult. It is easier to change the Set Point from your heart space being in your Zero Point.


Heart Coherence

A high performance and healthy state - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually - that brings out the very best in us.


The term coherence implies harmonious order, connectedness, stability and efficient use of energy,

- from the HeartMath website

Liquid Bubbles



Frequency is the number of waves that pass through a certain unit of time (typically 1 second) in a perpendicular direction to where it is travelling, and can be measured in terms of Hertz (Hz).

It is the number of times that an object vibrates, or has a back and forth movement.

Light wave frequencies are higher than sound wave frequencies



Vibration is a back and forth movement of an object.

Vibration is frequency in form. Sound is a form of vibration of waves that travel through an object.



Channeling is a state of being when one puts their own thoughts and ego aside to allow pure information to flow through their clear vessel.

Always coming from and for the highest, best, and greatest good for the channeller and the recipient ... these messages, energies, downloads, information, Light Language, etc. are exactly what is needed at the time for all involved.

Star Formation
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Source Zero Point ... is the very basis of what some consider God, Universe, Spirit, Great Spirit, Source, etc. This is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, As Above - So Below, the Zero Point before Source spiraled itself into the Quantum Field where all creation and manifestation occurs.

Soul Vision has been able to come together to channel and implement one of the most direct ways for you to tap into this infinite energy source that is contained within you .... within your very own heart space, and it's called Zero Point. Here is where we can help you :

  1. to return to pure consciousness and existing in the "God" field waiting to co-create

  2. to help you in physical form to connect through your heart space in a moment-by-moment basis...which we all seem to busy to accomplish with any regularity

  3. training your Mind/Body/Spirit to connect with conscious intent with the help of our Transmentation device

We have channeled a way to make that connection happen through intense downloads from our guides. We have been told that when this information was first presented, it was too science-y and either wasn't understood by the masses or was denigrated as junk by other scientists. We have approached this from an extremely different perspective that brings you to the same result. A heart based coherence that is in line with the Source energy that we are all made up of on every level of our being....from our cells, to our DNA, to our emotions and feelings, to our consciousness, and to our very soul selves.

The cube that you hold in your own physical space will act as an antennae of sorts, bringing more awareness of Source based Zero Point directly to your own Heart/Source based Zero Point.


Cube Device

Each participant of a Soul Vision event will receive a pre-programmed crystal cube that will carry the energy of Soul Vision and Transmentation to assist you with your clearing, balancing, and coherence after you have left the event.

Transmentation cubes may be available for purchase separately from our events in the near future. Check back in 2025!

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