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Are you seeking a community who understands what you're experiencing?

Are you feeling the call to connect with your higher self?

Join Soul Vision for reality-shifting 3-day weekend retreats
mini-event Experiences!

​​We are Soul Vision, six souls who have reunited in this lifetime to continue to assist our soul family (this means you) ascend to your divine SELF. 


Our goal is to bring your awareness to your Zero Point Energy Field through the process of Transmentation to help you align with your soul’s purpose and usher in your best possible life making your dreams a reality!! 

If you’d like to make significant shifts and embark on a powerful
spiritual journey, then please join us for these transformational events!

Our Events...

We are pleased to offer multiple events throughout the year to help you through your ascension process, to find your Zero Point, and to re-connect with your Soul Family. See which events below you'd like to attend!

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