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Soul Vision Experience

July 14th, 2024
10am - 5pm

Marc of Healing,  Berkeley MA


In this 7-hour compact and powerful version of the Soul Vision Experience, you will feel the energy state of Transmentation™, and become aligned with your highest and best timeline. You'll be reunited with parts of your soul family, you'll find peace within your soul.

As part of every Soul Vision event, we create the space of community with a beginning welcome and council. We will all get to know and support one another as we go deeper into feeling our pure selves. We will be free to open our hearts and souls to each other.

By the end of this beautiful and full day, you'll know yourself better, and you'll be so filled with love and acceptance for those around you that you'll feel your heart opening as it has not done before. You'll be free! 

Our hope for you is that you will find peace, support, and safety within our community and that you make new friends (find members of your soul family) to share this ride of life with. 


It’s time to upgrade your energy body to match your soul’s resonance.

In this powerful 7-hour Soul Vision Experience, you’ll feel the acceleration of your ascension with multiple energy modalities, including the state of Transmentation™. Align with living the life you’ve always imagined!

An essential part of every Soul Vision event is creating a sacred space of community where we feel safe to be vulnerable, and we shift to higher vibrations of love, compassion, and appreciation. It is in this safe space at, higher vibrations, we allow ourselves to trust and surrender to the process of Transmentation™.

The Soul Vision Experience will move you forward exponentially in your soul evolution!

The Soul Vision Experience Includes:

  • Welcome and Council (Soul Vision Story), Mindfulness Meditation

  • Energy Talk: Chat about Transmentation™ and the other energy modalities infused in the days events

  • Sneak Peak demonstration into one of the fun ways that Soul Vision connects with our guides/the quantum field/Source to get information

  • Heart Centered Meditation

  • Signature Soul Vision Energy Experience

  • Heal Through Dance Somatic Movement

  • Sound Bath (drums, singing bowls, gong, chimes, crystal harp)

  • Integration time with grounding and cocooning

  • Debrief, Sharing, Cocooning, Closing Council


What else is included in your day of expansion? 

  • You'll be presented with your own crystal cube ...which is part of the cube consciousness, a powerful energy that connects us all to Soul Vision

  • Light snacks, water, & tea, will be available during the day

  • There will be multiple snacks and bio breaks 

  • We will have a full lunch for everyone

  • A separate cozy room for a quiet moment of relaxing, recharging, and processing is available

Please bring a journal, pillow, blanket, yoga mat, water bottles, and anything else you might need for your comfort and centering.

Our time together will be filled with conversation, community, and energetic experiences that will shift your timeline, expand your consciousness, and elevate your vibration!

Join us and become part of our Light Tribe/Family!

We Wish You Peace,
Soul Vision

The cost of this Experience is $369.

All payments are non-refundable and are due by Saturday, July 13th.

We anticipate that this retreat will fill up quickly. Sign up now!

Our Community Says ...

"There is a synergy within the connection between the six of you, that is very clear. And I know you have all put a lot of yourselves into this. It is greatly appreciated. I am honored to be a part of this group."

Katelyn Gonyer, First Retreat Participant


Q: Can I get my money back?

A: All payments are non-refundable. No exceptions.

Q: I have food allergies; how do you deal with that?

A: We will send an email out to participants before the event asking about allergies and intolerances. Food will be labeled.

Q: Can I share this with a friend?
A: We love it when you share us with your people. There's room for us all.


We're looking forward to new experiences and new friendships being made.

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