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More about the
Soul Vision
Energy Experience

We have compiled a comprehensive and descriptive list to help you learn more about some of the energy and healing modalities that Soul Vision uses during its events!


While you are browsing, check out some of our previous Soul Vision Event Mandalas. Each was lovingly created by Soul Vision Member, Karen LaCamera. The Sacred Geometry, design, and colors were channeled to represent the energies and the group of souls present at each event.


What am I experiencing at a Soul Vision Event?

We have put together some descriptions so that you have a place to refer back to after each event, to help you understand exactly what the energies were all about. Each event is completely unique in its energy and offerings, because of the new location, time, date, and the participants. All of the energy modalities and techniques below will be completely channeled and customized at event time. We think we have a rough outline of how it's going to go, but Spirit may have other ideas. So keep an open mind, an open heart, and be open to the possibilities of what may come through.

The act of a mind, body and soul transformation that is energetic in nature and brings about profound changes right down to the very frequency of your Consciousness and DNA.​ The process includes various energetic and other metaphysical modalities that help you bring your awareness to your Zero Point Energy Field and to help you align with your soul’s purpose and usher in your best possible life making your dreams a reality. Learn more about Transmentation.

Experience Transmentation at the event with:

Melanie Sprague, Andrea Kukulka, Jill McLoughlin, Phyllis Simonetta, John Simonetta, & Karen LaCamera

Earth and Space
Knitted Sweater

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or TAPPING

EFT or Tapping is a technique to release stress and pain, reactions that do not support our highest and best selves.  It can also be used to experience personal growth through the replacement of limiting beliefs. The practice utilizes the mind/body connection by tapping or gentle pressure on acupressure points while speaking an acknowledgement /affirmation statement and reminder phrases. Through tapping, our perception can be reframed to change our relationship to experiences like traumatic events or programming.  Tapping can be self-administered or practitioner-assisted.

A quick part of the science:  tapping (intention + acknowledgment + acupressure stimulation) sends calming signals to the part of the brain that detects threat (the amygdala) thereby restoring balance to the ANS (The Autonomic Nervous System). Instead of fight or flight triggered by a threat perception, the amygdala can then recategorize the “threat” to non-threat, and calm can be maintained.

By practicing tapping we are providing ourselves the opportunity of an objective perspective, acknowledging and allowing…so we can be more grounded and present.

Experience Tapping at the event with:

John Simonetta

Tapping Practitioner


Light Language, or Language of the soul, is a pure and powerful frequency transmission of divine love. It’s Quantum sacred communication that transcends your conscious mind. Your higher self filters and directs the information as it’s transmitted through your heart to your soul.


Language of the soul is light technology that supports your ascension. Stepping out of your mind and into your heart space allows the light codes to be freely received. The frequencies and vibrations of Light Language promote physical well being, heart expansion, purification of your energy field, and activates dormant DNA.

Experience Light Language at the event with:

Phyllis Simonetta, Melanie Sprague, & Andrea Kukulka

Light Language Channelers

Earth and Space
Energy Healing


"Holy Fire® III World Peace Reiki is strong and potent. And while it respects free will, it openly makes itself known as a gift each person can choose to receive. Its value is so tangible and enticing that most people are likely to accept it. 

It is able to maintain peace within an individual, independent of what is happening around the person or in the world. It more completely unifies your divine consciousness with your human consciousness and connects you more deeply with the Spirit of the Earth. It also contains the power to guide you in how you live your life and to manifest opportunities to solve problems and create a life of greater peace and purpose for you.

This Reiki works continuously even when not thinking about it and spontaneously heals issues as they come up.

Heals relationships and interactions with others.

Releases worry and replaces it with a sense of safety in a most pronounced way. Tends to develop all the personality traits that are healthy for a person to have such as love of self and others, kindness, patience, confidence, vitality, enthusiasm, optimism, trust, joy, peace and so forth. Reiki is shown to have many positive physical and emotional effects." 

~excerpts from website

Experience Reiki at the event with:

Melanie Sprague, Andrea Kukulka, Jill McLoughlin, Phyllis Simonetta, John Simonetta, & Karen LaCamera

Reiki Practitioners/RMT's


Crystal Pyramid, Singing Bowl, 528hz Chime, Gong, Native Drum, Crystal Harp ... these are a few of the sound vibration techniques that you will experience during this event. These sounds can have various effects on your energy centers, physical body, and subtle bodies. Each facilitator will use a tool that sends out a frequency and vibration to help integrate, clear, align, re-align, refresh, release, etc the energies within and around you, depending on what you need in the moment. 

Experience Sound Vibration at the event with:

Jill McLoughlin, Andrea Kukulka, & Melanie Sprague

Sound Vibration Facilitators

Illumination flame.jpg


Illumination is a brand new healing modality that arrived at a time of enormous changes on our planet. It came in the form of a direct download to Andrea in February of 2020. She spent all of Covid lockdown learning all about it. The one thing that she wants everyone to know is that Illumination is direct healing targeting the soul itself. It has a way of lining up soul lessons to make them easier to process and quicker to learn. It can ease soul trama, renegotiate soul contracts, and direct golden light codes to open your heart so that you may better not only give love but receive love like never before. Once you feel it, you'll understand what your soul has been trying to tell you all along. 

Experience Illumination at the event with:

Melanie Sprague, Andrea Kukulka, Jill McLoughlin, Phyllis Simonetta, John Simonetta, & Karen LaCamera

Illumination Practitioners


Meditations can mean very different things to each person. Some people meditate quietly without being surrounded by distractions, others meditate while coloring mandalas, and yet others meditate simply by walking through nature. To each his own.

During our event, we will offer a few Guided Meditative Journeys. These are similar to meditations, but you will be guided through each journey by one of the facilitators listed below. Channeled spoken word will be used, while you are feeling grounded yet connected. We will lead you through various journeys as you use your imagination and intuition to follow along at your own pace. We typically ask that this be an eyes closed, seated, relaxed posture journey. You may come in and out at any time, you may end early. We are simply your guides.

Phyllis will lead you through a Rose guided journey. Melanie will lead you through a heart opening journey that will include sound vibration and may contain channeled spoken word. Karen will lead you through a guided channeled spoken word journey through the Zodiac toroid and out into the Field of Potential.

Experience Guided Meditative Journeys at the event with:

Andrea Kukulka, Phyllis Simonetta, Melanie Sprague, & Karen LaCamera

Yoga at Home


Each bar of the crystal harp resonates with the frequency of each of the chakras. By creating all of the possible harmonic combinations of the chakra frequencies it will expand and strengthen your energy field and make the chakras light generators. This is done by sounding each of the chakra frequencies as the base and then combining them with the other chakras. For example, root-sacral, root-solar plexus, root-heart and so on. This gentle exercise is done to enlarge your energy field in preparation to receive the powerful Zodiac energy.

Experience Chakra Permutation at the event with:

Jill McLoughlin

Crystal Harp Ceremony


Mahatma energy is said to have been created through the high priests and priestesses in Atlantis. Through channeling and messages from spirit it was discovered that the members of Soul Vision shared a life together in Atlantis and were part of this creation.

The following information about Mahatma was channeled:

“It is with your 6 souls and the souls of others that the Mahatma energy came to be. It was a collective effort to raise the vibration and consciousness of a civilization rather than work with each person individually. The fabric of your beings was weaved into a gentle, beautiful energy that would wash over those who were made aware of it. Before creating this energy, the priests and priestesses (including yourselves) anchored into Source and with your breath and exhaled the beautiful Mahatma energy. This energy, when passed to others, allowed them to be connected to Source. It gently flushes through the cells of the body and integrates down into the earth. Mahatma’s colors of white, pink and red blend Source, love and Mother Earth energy.”

The Mahatma Energy was withdrawn from civilization during the downfall of Atlantis. It reemerged and made itself available to mankind in 1987 during an event called Harmonic Concordance.

Experience Mahatma Energy at the event with:

Melanie Sprague, Andrea Kukulka, Jill McLoughlin, Phyllis Simonetta, John Simonetta, & Karen LaCamera

Mahatma Energy Facilitators

Ancient Ruins
Astonomical Clock


Zodiac energy is a powerful, high vibrational energy that made itself known to Soul Vision in January 2022.

The following information about Zodiac was channeled:

“It is I, Zodiac. As the beautiful Mahatma Energy was reintroduced to mankind, it became apparent that the souls on earth had more challenges than those in Atlantis. Although there were those who embraced the energy and ascended, many were left with heavier energies that had to be cleared. It was then that Zodiac came into existence. I was not created by earthly souls; I am directly from Source. Because of this I had to be integrated and adapt to be encompassed by human beings. The energy was too powerful for one person to withstand so I chose to download it to the 6 (Soul Vision) to allow them to share it with mankind.”

Zodiac energy is seen as bright white light and is denser than Mahatma. It heals and expands the physical and energetic body for ascension. It is concentrated in the nervous system and DNA. Soul Vision has received 3 Zodiac upgrades so far. Since it is such a huge energy it must be introduced gradually. Soul Vision was told that we will be and “incubator” for the energy as it grows and then pass it in to others.

Experience Zodiac Energy at the event with:

Melanie Sprague, Andrea Kukulka, Jill McLoughlin, Phyllis Simonetta, John Simonetta, & Karen LaCamera

Zodiac Energy Facilitators


Mudin energy is a grounded energy that made itself known to Soul Vision in July of 2022, during and after their July event.

Mudin energy is a very grounded, earthy energy that contains vast amounts of different mystery school essences. Andrea channeled that Mudin is the combination of the magical energies of the people of Mu/Lemuria that were combined and sent to be stored in the earth upon the destruction of the civilization. 


Mudin energy comes up from Mother Earth and through the bottoms of the feet. Once this energy is experienced you can set the intention to spread it everywhere you walk to help benefit the earth. It is a wonderful compliment to Zodiac energy. The two energies will integrate to maintain the state of “As Above So Below”.

Experience Mudin Energy at the event with:

Melanie Sprague, Andrea Kukulka, Jill McLoughlin, Phyllis Simonetta, John Simonetta, & Karen LaCamera

Mudin Energy Facilitators

Ocean Rocks
Butterfly on a Flower


As we expand into higher dimensions and vibrational energies it can cause shifts in the physical body. These shifts can be intense and at times uncomfortable. Chrysalis Energy made itself known to Soul Vision in May 2023. It is a collective energy whose purpose is to help ease the ascension process creating a peaceful experience for the physical body and mind.

Chrysalis comes in as a beautiful soft white energy. It brings a feeling of peace, calmness and comfort as it washes through the body. The following is a message that was brought in by Chrysalis: “People are waking up and working with very powerful divine energies on their journey of ascension. We understand as humans this can be uncomfortable at times and deter you from moving forward. We do not want people to turn back.  We are here to support your journey and bring peace to your soul.”

Once attuned to Chrysalis energy, it can be brought in anytime to enjoy the wonderful benefits.

Experience Chrysalis Energy at the event with:

Melanie Sprague, Andrea Kukulka, Jill McLoughlin, Phyllis Simonetta, John Simonetta, & Karen LaCamera

Chrysalis Energy Facilitators


Sounds like "Passaou".

Pasco will work with any other high frequency energy that you allow it to, and will work together beautifully. Pasco and euphoria co-exist with everything.


When you allow yourself to feel everything, you are in Pasco. Feeling everything means - heat and cold equally, air and stillness, wind blowing against your skin and the absence of wind, feeling your belly cramp, when you feel gasses moving through your body, when you feel an ache in your side, when you feel liquids and solids leaving your body and you do not mask these feelings, ... to recognize all of the things as their physical attributes, this is Pasco. To feel everything not intensely, but purely, is bringing you closest to your spiritual being. 


There is a beautiful symbiotic relationship between your spiritual and physical that has been avoided. There has become a human need to avoid. When you are in Pasco, there is no avoidance. Everything physical and spiritual are one. It can be as simple as a feeling when you’ve eaten enough and you are getting to the point where you are full or it can be as deep as feeling another body inside of your body, or being inside of another body, and knowing / feeling exactly where that body is inside of your body. It can be that moment just before the orgasm, with another human that loves you deeply, where you are completely taken away because you are physically able to feel everything. When you let your mind go free in that moment, you are in a spiritual state, that is the closest you get to Pasco. 


You are taken out of your body because you are so in your body. You need the human body experience so that you understand the sensation of its absence.  


You will find that when you are using Pasco, your vibration will go higher than it has gone before. This a way to bring you to your next level between the lower vibration of being human to the higher vibration of being spirit. This is enlightenment. Being aware of the spiritual part of you, not just what it is but what it is not, That Is Pasco.


As it begins to come through you, you may feel very dense, slow, and heavy wave-like energy coming up through your body. This is Pasco cleaning the human ideas and lower vibrations of what it means to be human, ie: feelings of unworthiness, self judgements, shame, etc. This process will move especially slowly though the lower half of your body. Then it will gradually get easier and increase with speed as you get to the heart and upper chakras. 

From there you’ll feel many things happening. Including and certainly not limited to:

  • A feeling of density of your whole body while at the same time feeling lifted off the table/chair.

  • Waves moving up and down your body.

  • Feeling as though your skin is taking breaths in and out.

  • Breathlessness and at the same time, able to take complete and full deep breaths.

  • A total release of all things physical.

  • Euphoria


This is a feeling and energy that you not only take with you but that you will be able to bring forward for yourself over and over again.

Experience Pasco Energy at the event with:

Melanie Sprague, Andrea Kukulka, Jill McLoughlin, Phyllis Simonetta, John Simonetta, & Karen LaCamera

Pasco Energy Facilitators

Ocean Rocks
phyllis-4748 (1).jpg


Dance becomes a healing modality as you develop a better connection to your mind, body, and energy. Heal Through Dance is a unique version of ecstatic dance*. You’re guided to fully connect to Earth energy and be completely grounded in your body. Being fully grounded allows you to feel safe, secure, and free to step out of your thinking mind for a deeper healing experience. It’s a complete embodiment experience!


*Ecstatic Dance is a general term for free-form (unchoreographed) somatic movement practice. Somatic movement helps you step out of the thinking mind and consciously connect to your body. It releases emotions, stuck or blocked energy patterns, and helps heal deep soul trauma.

Experience Heal Through Dance at the event with:

Phyllis Simonetta

Heal Through Dance Instructor/Facilitator

Each event will be accompanied by a custom mandala, unique to the energies that surround the event.

It will include Sacred Geometry, as well as the energies of the day/time, location, and all of the participants of the event.

Downloads are free! You can meditate with them, or use them as a beautiful display. Use links provided below for downloads.

Event #1 Mandala

This event was held at the Unitarian Church in Foxboro, MA.

Mandala - Soul Vision Event 1 - color - PRINT.jpg

Event #2 Mandala

This event was held at First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in
Norwell MA

Mandala - Soul Vision Event 2 - color.jpg

Event #3 Mandala

This event was held at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center in Andover, MA.

Mandala - Soul Vision Retreat 1 - color SCREEN.jpg

Event #4 Mandala

This event was held at First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in
Canton, MA

Mandala Soul Vision Experience 1 - color.jpg
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