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What does each Transmentation Kit come with?

Each basic "kit" comes with one of the following 3 items. We ask that you work with the basic kit for a few weeks before you begin to add any additional mandala and sound frequencies. 


"Programmed" Quartz Crystal Cube

1 piece, 25-35mm clear quartz crystal, sourced in Brazil. This cube has been programmed to connect your particular energy directly to the Zero Point field.

Mandala  - 432Hz - color.jpg

Cymatic Image of

432hz Frequency

1 printed image of the cymatic equivalent of the frequency of 432 hz. Printed at 2.5" on UV coated cardstock in the heart chakra color of green. 

Sheet Music

Sound Recording

in 432hz

1 mp3 sound recording of the 432hz frequency accompanied by soothing nature and instrumental music.

Stay tuned for a future shopping experience!

We will soon have the following available in your choice of:

  1. Quartz cubes in either Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, or Smokey Quartz.

  2. Cymatic images that come in different colors/frequencies and represent different energies, emotions, issues, triggers, thought forms, etc.

  3. Sound Recordings that correspond to the different cymatic images listed above within the same frequencies.

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